magAssist founder Dr. Po-Lin HSU, was selected as 2022 Most Influential Business Women——Future by FORTUNE China

The list of 2022 Most Influential Business Women was recently released by FORTUNE China. Dr. Po-Lin HSU, magAssist founder and CEO, made the list for the second consecutive year.

The list began in 2010. Over the past decade, nearly every prominent female leader in China's business community has been featured on it. The list consists of two sections: one for China's most influential women in business, and the other for China's most influential women in business for the future. The former features the most prominent women in various industries, including female leaders in large corporations. The latter features China's rising female leaders, including entrepreneurs, professional managers, rising industry stars, and opinion leaders.


Dr. Po-Lin Hsu led magAssist to complete the development of China's first extracorporeal ventricular assist device. The product is currently at clinical trial stage and has helped save many patients.

At present, the application of extracorporeal ventricular assist devices are primarily applied for  30 days life support of Bridge-to-recovery (BTR), Bridge-to-transplant (BTT) or Bridge-to-other destination therapy. It is one of the clinical demands to have surgeries with a more minimally invasive intubation procedure in order to lower the surgical risk and complications associated with secondary chest opening.

MoyoAssist completed its first minimally-invasive heart placement surgery in China in August 2022, which marked the first surgery of its kind in China using independently developed life-supporting products. This will bring great benefits to Chinese heart failure patients. Meanwhile, Dr. Po-Lin Hsu has also led her team to develop several other product lines, including the minimally invasive Percutaneous Ventricular Assist Device, the second-generation Extracorporeal Membrane  Oxygenation (ECMO) and DonorLife Organ Care System, all of which are in the preclinical development stage.

In a world of counter-globalization, many outstanding women are connecting an increasingly divided world through the common language of business. Use this list to honor these women business leaders who are bridging the gap between globalization.

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