magAssist receives keen international attention at the 47th European Society for Artificial Organs Congress

The European Society for Artificial Organs (ESAO Congress) was successfully held online from September 7 to 11, 2021. magAssist was invited to participate in the 47th European Congress on Artificial Organs (ESAO Congress) on the international stage. Dr. Polin Hsu, Founder, and CEO of magAssist, served as one of the hosts of the panel, engaging guests from home and abroad to share the future trends and technologies of artificial organs. Meanwhile, magAssist's product MoyoAssist® Extra-VAD (MoyoAssist® Extracorporeal Ventricular Assist Device) research and clinical results were presented at several meetings.

magAssist receives keen international attention at the 47th European Society for Artificial Organs Congress

Dr. Polin Hsu, Founder and CEO of magAssist, being one of the hosts of the panel

ESAO has been one of the leading research societies in the field of artificial organs, with the participation of more than 400 scholars and experts worldwide, covering various fields of artificial organs, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine. The International Journal of Artificial Organs is the world's leading collection of research on artificial organs.

MoyoAssist® Extra-VAD, the firstly-developed extracorporeal ventricular assist device in China. Through magnetic levitation technology, magAssist team allows the impeller to drive the blood without any mechanical contact while combining cutting-edge fluid dynamics optimization technology to avoid crushing the blood cells and solve the damage to them. MoyoAssist Extra-VAD® has entered the clinical trial and demonstrated excellent hemocompatibility, making promising progress.

Prof. A W Khir, Chairman of the ESAO Conference, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Brunel University, UK, expressed high recognition of the technical level and execution of the magAssist team and hoped that magAssist would promote more international technical exchanges in the future. Professor Ping Li from Wuhan Union Hospital presented a series of pre-clinical hemocompatibility evaluations and clinical applications of MoyoAssist Extra-VAD® by the Wuhan Union Hospital team and the Soochow University team, and gave high praise to the product.

magAssist receives keen international attention at the 47th European Society for Artificial Organs Congress

Dr. Ping Li from Wuhan Union Hospital 

Dr. Polin Hsu, Founder and CEO of magAssist, said that the participation in ESAO was very successful and highly appreciated by the participants, which not only demonstrated the R&D strength of magAssist, but also represented the international attention to the innovation of high-end medical devices in China.

Thomas George Logan, the Chief Scientist and Chief Engineer of magAssist, mentioned that the product contains a lot of complex technology and is the result of the team's hard work, day and night. For the team, it is very exciting to see the product being applied to patients and has saved lives. 

The conference delegate said "It is a matter of great pride to be on the international stage in this form, representing the country and showing the world how magAssist can save more lives. I believe we can go even further and help more patients in the future."

In the future, magAssist will continue to further complete its product layout in the field of extracorporeal life support for acute and critical illnesses in response to immediate clinical needs, develop extracorporeal life support systems for different populations and ancillary needs, and establish platform-based solutions. magAssist will bring the most valuable technology and services to medical practitioners and patients in China and around the world, and bring new life opportunities to patients.

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