magAssist's extracorporeal artificial heart product made the first public appearance at an international academic conference

The 8th annual conference of the International Society for Artificial Organs (IFAO) was held in Osaka, Japan from November 12th to the 15th, 2019. Dr. Po-Lin Hsu, founder of magAssist Inc., and Tingting Wu, Ph.D. student at Soochow University, attended the meeting and won the IFAO Investigator award, for their research achievements in the field.

At the conference, Dr. Po-Lin Hsu demonstrated the latest progress of magAssist in the field of artificial heart research and development. It is the first public appearance of magAssist's extracorporeal ventricular assist device at an international academic conference, which sparked attention, discussion, and appreciation from the participants.


The first public appearance of magAssist's extracorporeal ventricular assist device 

Additionally, in the third-generation magnetic levitation mechanical circulatory support device, the influence of the position of the magnetic levitation blood pump impeller on the hydraulics of the pump and performance of the magnetic levitation system is a difficult problem in the development process, and so far few researchers have explored this problem in detail. magAssist and Soochow University have cooperated on the multi-physics dynamic performance research of the active magnetic levitation centrifugal pump. Tingting Wu, a Ph.D. student researching upon this topic, presented the winning abstract titled "Simulation Research on the Influence of Impeller position on the Hydraulic Performance of Magnetic Levitation Centrifugal Blood pump". Wu used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology simulation to quantitatively evaluate the influence of the axial displacement of the magnetic levitation blood pump rotor on the hydraulic performance and dynamic parameters of the blood pump, for the optimal control and dynamic modeling of the blood pump which provided a good theoretical basis. 

By participating in this international academic conference, magAssist has fully grasped the latest technical information related to the field of artificial organs and has further expanded its influence in this field.

IFAO (International Federation for Artificial Organs) is an international authoritative artificial organ research association. Its purpose is to increase and encourage research on artificial organs, blood purification, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and other related topics, providing an international academic exchange platform for scholars in the field of artificial organs worldwide. It helps to promote the development of innovative artificial organ technology, Cross-disciplinary cooperation, and cutting-edge applied research oriented to clinical medicine.

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