magAssist Attains Recognition as the Most Innovative Medical Device Product of 2023

VB-Find Award: The Top 100 Most Innovative Medical Device Products (Solutions) of the Year were recently announced at the 2023 Medical Device Product Innovation and International Cooperation Summit. magAssist's Fully Maglev Artificial Heart, MoyoAssist® Extra-VAD, has made it onto the list, garnering the accolade of the most innovative medical device product of 2023!

List Introduction

Innovation is the path for the Chinese medical device industry to advance towards a high-end industry. Throughout the course of development, Chinese-made innovation remains the dominant theme in the upgrading of the Chinese medical device industry. Medical device companies with independent innovation capabilities, high product technological added value, and differentiation competitive advantages are expected to grow rapidly in the future.  

To discover medical and health innovation products (solutions) characterized by technological advancement, alignment with medical clinical needs, and exceptional industry demonstration, VB100 launched the annual brand selection event in 2022 aimed at innovative products (solutions) within the medical and health industry—the VB-Find Award. The term 'Find' symbolizes the journey of discovery and exploration in the realm of life and health, and it also represents innovative products that, when discovered, can transform modern healthcare. Through the VB-Find Award selection, VB100 aspires to construct a platform showcasing cutting-edge research and applied achievements in the medical and health frontier, empowering the growth of medical and health enterprise brands. Simultaneously, it delves deep into the current state of development in China's medical and health industry, exploring future paradigms of medical innovation. 

In June 2023, VB-Find Award initiated the collection of innovative medical device products (solutions) targeting high-value consumables, medical equipment, in vitro diagnostics (IVD), and more.  Spanning nearly 40 days, the selection process involved successive stages including company registrations, institutional recommendations, expert reviews, and cross-validation.

Through the AFIC-12Ps assessment model, the annual performance of participating medical device products (solutions) was assessed based on 12 indicators across four dimensions: application value, driving support, innovation iteration, and interactive communication. Ultimately, from a pool of over 300 applications, 100 outstanding products (solutions) emerged as finalists. 


Fully Maglev Artificial Heart, MoyoAssist® Extra-VAD

magAssist Co., Ltd, was established in May 2017, led by Dr. Po-Lin Hsu, a young expert in the National Major Talent Project, the first Chinese member of the International Society for Mechanical Circulatory Support (ISMCS), and a distinguished professor at Soochow University. It was founded in collaboration with a top team of experts from both Chinese and international backgrounds who have long been engaged in the development of artificial organs. The company is dedicated to creating a new generation of extracorporeal life support platforms for critical and severe scenarios.

Selected Product: Fully Maglev Artificial Heart, MoyoAssist® Extra-VAD.

Product Stage: Approved as an innovative medical device, progressing through the "Green Channel" for market approval.

Product Introduction: Developed by magAssist, MoyoAssist® Extra-VAD is China's inaugural Fully Maglev Artificial Heart. The MoyoAssist® Extra-VAD is a fully maglev blood pump equipped for mid-term to short-term extracorporeal ventricular assistance. It can be used in the treatment and recovery of various high-risk conditions, including heart failure, other critically ill patients who require heart pumping support, such as those with fulminant myocarditis, and patients who cannot be removed from cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) after heart surgery. It can assist different patients in bridging to heart transplantation, bridging to recovery, protecting against decannulation during surgery, and bridging to decision-making treatment, among other applications. 

Product Innovation: The MoyoAssist® Extra-VAD utilizes a fully maglev centrifugal pump without mechanical bearings, significantly reducing the formation of hemolysis and blood clots. It offers advantages such as portability, ease of transport, and long-term support capabilities. Moreover, it has successfully implemented minimally invasive cannulation procedures in clinical practice, cleverly combining the excellence of a fully magnetic levitation centrifugal pump with minimally invasive surgery. This approach undoubtedly represents a more promising method and a better clinical practice.

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