The Future Belongs To Those Who Prepare For It Today| Polin Hsu of magAssist on Entrepreneurial Insights

Recently, the U8 World Innovation Summit was held to gather outstanding talents from the world's top universities, including Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Caltech, Tsinghua University and Peking University. The summit invited globally influential industry experts to give presentations, roundtable discussions, and conversations on a variety of forward-looking topics, including humanities and social sciences, technology and industry, and health care. Dr. Polin Hsu, the founder and CEO of magAssist, shared her opinion in the theme panel of “U8 Alumni Youth Innovation”

The Initial Intention of the Business and the Influence of Overseas Study Experience on the Business

"I believe that all entrepreneurs start their business because they see the demand, and magAssist's intention to provide a comprehensive source of life support is based on the clinical demand, as the domestic high-end life support devices are almost completely imported and the supply is far less than the demand. Some devices are still in a "vacuum" state with zero imports. The urgent demand of doctors for localization of extracorporeal life support equipment greatly encouraged our determination to start the business."

"The biggest impact of overseas study experience on entrepreneurship is that one's values and mentality will be more open-minded. As entrepreneurship is a major choice in life, it will deviate from the normal life track as well as will step into numerous pits; it is both colorful and messy. A relatively inclusive and diversified outlook and value will give you more courage to face the ups and downs in entrepreneurship, especially in the face of failure, your resilience and the ability to handle stress will be enhanced all the way through."

"In addition, overseas experiences, especially those in prestigious universities, will bring about a lot of high-level talents, where everyone met each other at the most innocent age. The classmate relationship will establish a relatively solid elite group resource circle, at the beginning of the business, whether the demand for talent or the demand for money, this circle may help you."

My deep involvement in the field of artificial organs is rooted in love and passion

"My Ph.D. is on the design and development of artificial heart and artificial organs, which is a very niche field. Whether it was the research on the subject at the Ph.D. stage, joining the university after returning to China, or later founding magAssist, which gave me a series of opportunities to stay deep in the field of artificial organs, I think persistence is rooted in love. When you feel that you are serving life, you will be filled with a sense of mission."

A CEO's self-cultivation

"The CEO of a startup company is like a brick, moving wherever it is needed. Learning ability is a very important skill of entrepreneurship, when you leave school and go to the society to start a business, learning ability is no longer a single-dimensional skill, but to extend the learning tentacles in all aspects, "deal with" investors, shareholder equity distribution, management and motivation team, etc., all require the CEO to have the ability to learn quickly and form systemic thinking."

"Victory without pride, defeat without complaint, a calm state of mind in the entrepreneurial process is also important, in the bright and shining when you can keep the bottom line not to lose, in the bottom of the barrel when you can calmly face to find a breakthrough. Hardship, failure, and challenges are all inevitable parts of the process of entrepreneurship. When the going gets tough, the tough get going."

"In choosing the direction of entrepreneurship, it is vital to follow the trend, the trend represents the opportunity of the times, grasping the trend can enhance the success rate of entrepreneurship, which is very lucky for entrepreneurs."

Happiness is a comprehensive life experience

"Entrepreneurship itself is not a shiny thing, it is a path of cultivation full of thorns and self-challenges. But at the same time, entrepreneurship itself is also a very enriching journey, the happiness is not simply a happy, dazzling, and pure voyage, but a complex, three-dimensional life experience."

"When you work hard for a major choice in life, when you keep falling down and getting up again, when you cross the bumps and thorns on the road of entrepreneurship, you will feel that life is full of joy."

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