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2021 BlackBOX Melbourne X magAssist: A Collision between Design and Innovation

In the darkness of the exhibition hall, 36 black boxes are lined up in a square, each with a faint and mysterious blue light. When a cell phone is swiped, the exhibits pop up instantly, linking the unique designs. The "BlackBox Melbourne: Design and Innovation" exhibition has successfully rung down the curtain. 


MoyoAssist® Extra-VAD in the BlackBox Melbourne Exhibition

magAssist is proud to present its MoyoAssist® Extra-VAD, an extracorporeal magnetically levitated ventricular assist device, for its innovative technology in the field of high-end medical devices and its industrial design, which is in line with the concept of "design for use". The exhibition not only reflects the collision of technological innovation and industrial design, but also demonstrates the perfect cooperation between Suzhou and Melbourne in the international arena, and is a cross-space cultural interconnection.

Ian Wong, the curator of BlackBox, expressed his pride in the collaboration between Monash University and magAssist in this exhibition. He was also very excited about the collaboration between magAssist and Cobalt Melbourne. He said that this kind of cross international collaboration not only produces excellent product design but also represents the collaboration between Melbourne and Suzhou, which is benefiting everyone.

"In the early stage of R&D, we have considered all possible clinical scenarios clinicians might encounter in the real clinical setting. We have also discussed with clinicians about the present and future needs. We will continue to challenge innovation while doing engineering transformation, combine industrial design, transform complexity into simplicity, and turn the most essential and beautiful products into reality. " Ifan Yen, Vice President of R&D at magAssist, said that when developing the artificial heart, magAssist has taken into account the clinical application scenarios of the current era, and the special structure developed allows full freedom to adjust the angle of pump use and easily adapt to the complex clinical pipeline environment.

Technology for life is not just a slogan, it is also the driving force that magAssist has been proud of since it was founded. We hope to help more patients in the future and bring the most valuable products to more patients to save lives that should not be lost.

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