We create opportunities for lives with the most valuable technologies.

magAssist is one of the leading medical devices companies in China. It is our ultimate goal to deliver the most valuable life saving technology and service for patients and clinicians. Established in 2017, we started our journey with Maglev artificial heart pump, and kept developing platform-based solutions for external life support systems. 

Our team includes both domestic and overseas talents with years of extensive experience in the field, led by Dr. Po-Lin Hsu with two doctoral degrees from the University of Cambridge and RWTH Aachen University. Dr. Po-Lin Hsu is also receiver of 2014 NOSE International Fellowship Award from ASAIO (American Society for Artificial Internal Organs) and the first Chinese board member of ISMCS(International Society for Mechanical Circulatory Support). 



Ever since our founding, we have applied over hundreds of patents, covering the field of extracorporeal ventricular assist device, percutaneous ventricular assist device, ECMO systems, organ care system…etc.

Over 70% of applications are invention patents, including international patents under PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty).

Fluid Dynamics

In the past, it was rare to improve flow path for blood pumps as most product design focused on overall performance, which provided limitations for enhancing hemocompatibility. 

With the latest computational fluid dynamics technology, magAssist successfully improves fluid performance, eliminating the dead zone of flow field and lowering the shear force, which brings high enhancement in hemocompatibility, reduced blood damage. The optimised blade design has improved hydraulic performance and ensured even flow distribution. 

Full Magnetic Levitated Rotor

Full magnetically levitated technology provides a controlled, large blood flow gap, which reduces the damage caused by the impeller rotor to blood cells during motion and further improving hemocompatibility.

The previous generation of blood pumps used sliding bearings (including single pivot bearings) submerged in blood to provide support to the rotor through mechanical contact, which generated large shear forces, local flow dead zones and non-physiological high temperatures in the mechanical part of the bearing in contact with the blood. 

 Although design can be improved by fluid flushing, the design of self-flushing (blood flushing) is very complex and difficult to meet the needs of many working conditions; moreover, the use of external fluid flushing can cause many side effects (e.g., hemodilution).

Mechanical bearing blood pumps have shown serious hemocompatibility problems in clinical use. The advent of suspension technology provides a controlled, larger blood flow gap, reducing the damage to blood cells caused by the impeller rotor in motion and further improving hemocompatibility. 


magAssist's design based on mechatronics significantly expands the clinical application scenarios, allowing ventricular assist device to be applied in ER or an ambulance compared to traditional ones limited to use in ICU. 

Our mechatronics technology enhances energy conversion efficiency, improves vibration resistance and reduces device size. The drive motor and active magnetic bearing are the core components of the pump, which include requirements of its size, performance, and low heat generation. magAssist has developed our own technology while the motors and bearings available in the market do not meet the design requirements of our product. The design of the flow path is also taken into consideration in our design.

Product Manufacturing

magAssist Co., Ltd. has the first artificial heart production line in China. 

•  Class 10000 medical device cleanroom.
In general, class III medical device cleanrooms are class 100000. To ensure cleanliness, magAssist develop its own class 10000 cleanroom for production. 

•  We use injection water, instead of general purified water. 

•  Product consumables are at guarantee sterile level. 

•  Clean manufacturing designed to meet annual production line of 40000 consumables. 

•  Unit manufacturing designed to meet annual production line of thousands of systems. 

Artificial Hearts

In China, there are 330 million patients with cardiovascular disease which accounts for the first cause of all deaths. Among these cardiovascular diseases, chronic heart failure is often irreversible and difficult to control, while acute heart failure is severe and requires immediate treatment once diagnosed.

Ventricular Assist Device (so-called artificial hearts) are to maintain blood circulation and body function when the patient's heart is temporarily unable to work due to various acute reasons, which provide time for the patient's heart to recover or have transition to other treatments. Once the patient's physical condition was stable, the device was removed immediately. 

In the past, the development of ventricular assist devices was mostly dominated by Western countries. magAssist has committed to delivering the most renowned life saving technology and science for our patients and clinicians ever since its development. It is our utmost desire to collaborate with professionals and make an influence on improving the medical device industry. Our current ventricular assist device product in development includes an extracorporeal ventricular assist device and interventional ventricular assist device. 

magAssist Milestone

June. 2023
Company name changed as magAssist Co., Ltd.
Mar. 2023
Completed clinical trials of MoyoAssist®
Feb. 2023
Awarded with 2022 Most Popular Employer Brand by DHR Expo Award
Jan. 2023
Awarded with Top 10 MedTech Companies in the Asia-Pacific Region in 2022 by Medtech Outlook APAC
Dec. 2022
Granted as 2022 Potential Unicorn by Jiangsu Government
Nov. 2022
Awarded with FedEx Small Business Grant Contest Special Mention 2022
Sep. 2022
Awarded with Australia Good Design for MoyoAssist® Extra-VAD
Aug. 2022
Awarded Leading Talent of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project, Gusu
Jun. 2022
Awarded for 2022 Future of Healthcare 100
Awarded for Forbes Asia 100 to Watch
Jan 2022
Awarded Unicorn-Nurtured Company, Suzhou.
Dec 2021
Awarded for 2021 VENTURE 50 by PEdaily.
Dec 2021
Awarded as "Venture 100 Future Unicorn" by CYZONE.
Dec 2021
Awarded as one of the Top 50 Innovative Companies in 21st Century by MIC50.
Nov 2021
Awarded Potential Unicorn by China government.
Oct 2021
Awarded for 2021 REAL 100 Innovators by Jiemian News.
Oct 2021
Series C financing completed. Financing led by Sequoia, followed by CDH and Cenova Ventures.
Aug 2021
First patient treated in clinical trial of MoyoAssist® Extra-VAD
Jan 2021
Series B financing completed. Financing led by Northern Light Venture Capital, followed by SND Ventures Capital Co.
Nov 2020
Awarded Leading Talent of Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project, SND.
Jun 2020
Awarded for Industrial Technology Research Development Joint Fund Project, Medical Device Industry Tech. Innovation Center, Jiangsu.
Feb 2020
Awarded for 2020 Coronavirus Emergency Prevention and Control Technology Project.
Jul 2019
Series A financing completed.
Dec 2018
Awarded for Policy Guided Program (International Technology Collaboration Function), Jiangsu.
May 2018
Awarded Leading Talent of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project, Gusu.
Jan 2018
Angel round financing completed.
May 2017
magAssist Inc. Founded

Our Team

Professor Dr.rer.medic.

Professor Dr.rer.medic.

Polin Hsu PhD.
Founder & CEO of magAssist.

2005-2010 PhD in Electrical Engineering, Cambridge University, UK

2010-2013 PhD in Medical Engineering, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Board member of ISMCS (International Society of Mechanical Circulatory Support)

2014 Winner of Nose International Fellowship Award from ASAIO (American Society for Artificial Internal Organs)

Professor and doctoral advisor at Soochow University

The Co-founding team

The co-founding team was from the Department of Cardiovascular Engineering (CVE, RWTH Aachen), RWTH Aachen University, Germany. The founding team members were all globally-well-known experts who have years of extensive experience in the development of artificial hearts.

Management team and Employees

Our management team are professionals from the most influential and representative enterprises or national institutions from both domestic and overseas, who have both high-end medical device R&D ability, management skills and strong sales resources.

Most employees graduated from prestigious universities and most of them are researchers.

magAssist Culture

Firm & Trust-worthy
Our Team