MoyoAssist ® Extra-VAD

MoyoAssist® Extracorporeal Ventricular Assist Device (hereafter MoyoAssist®) is magAssist's firstly-developed product. It presents magAssist's significant breakthrough in accelerating nationalization with fully independent development of China.

Through the use of advanced computational fluid dynamics and full maglev technology. MoyoAssist® performs perfect hemocompatibility. MoyoAssist® is capable of providing up to 30 days support time and suitable for patients with Acute CS, PCCS, BTT and Bi-ventricular heart failure.

MoyoAssist aims to meet clinical demands and function in multiple scenarios.

Advanced computational fluid dynamics
and full maglev technology reduce thrombosis and hemolysis.
Highly stable rotor and motor system
ensure resistance to vibration and shaking,
enhance safety during patient transfer.


Upgraded flow path design ensures stable blood flow and allows full circulatory support for patient.
It maintains ideal AO pressure which provides effective perfusion of all organs. 


The console weight is less than 10kg and can run for over 2hrs.
A lockable arm and multi-angle fixture enable the system to meet clinical demands and adapt to multiple cannulation methods. 


The system includes user-friendly interface and data management design.
Easy to operate and prevent misoperation.
Patient data graphic delivers intuitive feedback, which facilitates clinical decisions and research. 

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