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magAssist named to the Jiemian News 2021 "REAL 100 Innovators" List

On October 13, the first "Jiemian Technology Conference" was successfully held in Beijing by Jiemian News, a financial news media company of Shanghai Press Group. The theme of the conference was "Evolution to the Future". The speakers were mainly researchers, leaders, entrepreneurs and investors in various technology fields to participate in the conference, aiming to provide more professional, objective, in-depth and forward-looking views and analysis for the industry.

As a medical device company in China, magAssist has been selected as one of the "REAL 100 Innovators" at this year's conference. The award was established to recognize companies that have made outstanding contributions in areas where human processes are closely intertwined, and this honor was given to magAssist as a recognition of its continuous efforts in the field of high-end medical devices.

magAssist named to the Jiemian News 2021 REAL 100 Innovators List

Domestic high-end medical devices have long been dominated by imported products, and magAssist is ready to turn the tide. Since its establishment in 2017, magAssist has targeted the field of heart failure as a starting point and has since committed to expand its service platform to provide multi-organ life support. In order to fill the domestic market gap, magAssist has been striving to make domestically developed and produced emergency life support devices.

magAssist was founded in May 2017 by Dr. Polin Hsu along with a team of top and internationally recognized experts who have long been engaged in the development of artificial organs. Dr. Polin Hsu is the first Chinese board member of the International Society for Mechanical Circulatory Support (ISMCS). The co-founding team is also from one of the most influential and successful institute over the world, the Institute of Cardiovascular Engineering of RWTH Aachen University in Germany. The management team is comprised of experts in the field of artificial heart; extensive high-end medical device research and development experiences as well as management and sales experiences. In addition, magAssist has been collaborating with Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital, Wuhan Union Hospital and other top hospitals in China to receive abundant clinical resources as well.

According to Dr. Polin Hsu, replacing the old with new is magAssist's priority. 

"magAssist wishes to bring better service to patients with better technology advancement; therefore "replace the old with new" is our utmost priority. The field of extracorporeal life support is very broad. We want to be the first to achieve modular support for different organs so that we can provide doctors with a 'universal toolbox'. In the future, we hope that the 'universal toolbox' will be more convenient, plug-and-play, and that these modules can be assembled together according to the patient's needs so that doctors can use them in a more intelligent and convenient way. This is the future layout of magAssist in product development." said by Dr. Polin Hsu. 

"When we were developing products, we took its practicality into account, whether it could be applied and used effectively in the clinical setting. In order to achieve this, we communicated closely with the hospital and went to the site to watch and listen to the clinical experience of front-line experts. We also created questionnaires in the early stage to understand the real needs of doctors, so that we could do a preliminary principle implementation for basic functional issues. After this stage we will reach the most complete R&D stage, including appearance design, human-machine interaction interface, user experience, etc." added by Ifan Yen, the Vice President of R&D at magAssist. 

At present, magAssist has four products disclosed to the public, which are extracorporeal ventricular assist device, percutaneous ventricular assist device, new generation ECMO system, and organ care systems. In the future, magAssist will continue to develop multi-organ products for providing valuable service and technology to healthcare professionals. We aim to cover different needs of acute and critical patients and provide healthcare professionals "one toolbox to deal with all kinds of patient matters.”

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