Happy 5th Anniversary to magAssist!!!

On May 12th, 2017, magAssist was established. During these years, magAssist has grown from a small team to over hundreds of warriors. We are very delighted to have talents from all over the world. Assistars have solid professional skills and courage to face challenges; moreover, we are sharing the same passion for lives. It is our utmost desire to provide the most valuable technologies to our patients and healthcare professionals. 

Happy 5th Anniversary to magAssist!!!

Dated back to the year of 2017, there was a huge gap in mechanical circulatory support in China. There wasn't even relative research for extracorporeal ventricular assist devices in China. Healthcare professionals have been facing limited clinical solutions as the most common treatment was ECMO. Since the support duration, invasiveness and flow rate are varied from patients, the off-label use of ECMO may increase the complications and lower the patient's survival rate. Dr. Polin Hsu saw the clinical pain points and decided to establish magAssist together with both domestic and overseas talents. 

At magAssist, there's an interesting saying, “Saving lives is our true KPI.”. The epidemic has forced us to speed up the research & development process as well. We are very honored to announce that we have made some influence during the past few years. Our firstly-developed product, MoyoAssist® Extracorporeal Ventricular Assist Device (hereinafter referred to as MoyoAssist®) has begun its clinical trial in 2020. In Aug 2021, our first patient supported with MoyoAssist® has recovered from a heart transplant and had a new life. 

Our other pipeline includes percutaneous ventricular assist device, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation systems and organ care systems are preparing for FIM (First in man) trials. We target to launch products to market every year starting from 2023. 

Apart from our product development, 2021 is a year full of excitement. We are very thankful for all the support and help. magAssist completed the series C financing in Oct 2021, financed by Sequoia, followed by CDH and Cenova Ventures. 

The achievement of magAssist was admitted by various fields. We have received several well-known awards in China, including Potential Unicorn by China government, Venture 100 Future Unicorn by CYZONE, MIC 50 (The 50 Most Innovative Companies) in the 21st Century by FastCompany, 2021 REAL 100 Innovators by Jiemian News, and 2021 VENTURE 50 by PEdaily. 

We have met talents and collaborators via leading industry events and conferences. You might have noticed our participation at ESAO (European Society of Artificial Organs), BlackBOX Melbourne, Suzhou International Elite Entrepreneurship Week, China International Heart Failure Conference…etc. Through these experiences, magAssist has become more mature. 

In the future, magAssist will keep devoting ourselves to lifesaving innovation, addressing clinical unmet demands to serve patients in China and worldwide. We aims to develop multi-organ support systems for MODS patients by providing one-for-all solutions for healthcare professionals. Even though we understand that the journey will be full of uphill battles, full of unknown challenges, we will keep putting efforts to achieve our goals. 

Once again, we appreciate all the support we received and the professionals that we have met. Hopefully, we can keep working together along this amazing journey and keep growing in the future. 

Happy 5th Anniversary, magAssist. 

Happy 5th Anniversary to magAssist!!!

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