magAssist is on the list of Forbes Asia 100 to Watch 2022

On Aug 30, Forbes Asia released the 100 to Watch list 2022, and magAssist is honored to be on the list.

The list spotlighted fast-growing companies and start-ups, especially those addressing real-world challenges with product and service innovation. With achievements in the field of extracorporeal life support, magAssist has stood out in the biotechnology and healthcare sector.

According to Forbes Asia, the selected 100 companies are from 15 Asian countries and regions, covering 11 popular categories, which include e-commerce, retail, finance, biotechnology, healthcare...etc. These companies have made great impacts by taking aim at important world issues. Besides their social impact, the juries evaluated these companies' business models, revenue, future growth, and innovations to select the most outstanding future stars.

As one of the medical innovators in China, magAssist always strive to bring valuable solutions for patients and healthcare professionals. The team is grateful for the result which reassures that magAssist is on the right track and have a positive impact on the industry.

Meanwhile, the application of MoyoAssist® is also mentioned in the release. Ever since it's development, MoyoAssist® is designed to solve the unmet clinical needs of current cardiogenic shock treatment, and to bring a more cost-effective options for patients and current Chinese medical systems. MoyoAssist® has achieved gratifying results in multi-center clinical trials and saved lives over the past year. Besides the innovation in product development, there are also breakthroughs in medical science. It is encouraged to see that the R&D progress of high-end medical devices have been rapidly catching up with the international frontier driven by the clinical demand in China. Currently, China has successfully brought localization of high-end medical devices, enabling patients to benefit from better products with a lower cost of medical care.

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