MoyoAssist®, the winning project for Australian Good Design Awards and Designer Australia Awards 2022.

MoyoAssist® Extra-VAD (hereinafter MoyoAssist®) has been worldwide recognized by industry and experts for its design concept and significant social contribution.

Recently, in the Designers Australia Awards and Australian Good Design Awards, MoyoAssist has been awarded winners for both Use Category Winner and Good Design Awards Winner. The jury applauded its rigorous, perceptive, as well as its extensive social significance, which together results in this cutting-edge product.

Award Introduction

The Australian Good Design Award is a long-established and prestigious international design award, recognized by the World Design Organization (WDO) as Australia's highest international design award. It is dedicated to promoting design excellence since 1958, presenting the best design ideas and products to a global audience each year. Likewise, the Designer Australian Awards is presented by the Australian Institute of Design. It is the industry's highest recognition for innovative design. Both awards annually recognize high-quality products that have social value, innovation, and impact across a wide range of fields.

A design developed with clinical demand, aiming for practical use

The growing impact of domestic high-end medical devices

The success of our products could not have been accomplished without our constant dedication to "meet users' needs". We have always taken the clinical demand as the starting point and discussed with the doctors the various clinical scenarios that could potentially emerge during real clinical situations. In order to achieve the best possible clinical use, the pump is made possible to operable in any orientation, which makes it easily adaptable to the complex clinical environment.


Use Category Winner

"As part of the development process, we found that the surgeons in the clinical team were really important. They had adjustability of the position of the pump and motor relative to the patient so that key piece of information actually drove this sort of configuration of the device." stated by magAssist overseas partner in the award interview.

During the research and development process, magAssist continues to push for innovation and incorporate industrial design to create high-end medical devices that are safe, effective, portable, and easy to use.

Juries from Australia Good Design have positive feedbacks for MoyoAssist. It is a user-centered collaborative design process drove innovation in every aspect of the device, from its weight for portability to its display that's easy to read and manipulate.

Providing valuable products for physicians and patients to keep patients alive has been the mission and goal since magAssist's inception. As the judges stated, "This interdisciplinary design is rigorous and intelligent, and the whole exploration process is a very valuable practice that can help save more lives."


Good Design Awards Winner

The new horizon of China medical-device industry

At present, domestic substitution is gradually realized in various key segments. It has become an important mission for domestic medical device companies to enhance their independence in producing innovative products, promote high-quality industrial development, re-define international standards and pave the way for globalization. The kind of cross-national cooperation led by magAssist transcends the traditional concept of "Made in China" or products simply manufactured in China, but a team formed with domestic talents and experts who can guide and collaborate with overseas partners to produce excellent products. Such close collaboration and interaction between magAssist and international teams can also inspire and benefit more companies and design teams.

Our overseas partners mentioned, "We have developed many products in the past that have improved people's lives. It's really satisfying, and that's what we do. But to be involved in making a product that actually saves people's lives takes us to a whole new level."

The development and design of the artificial heart rely on interdisciplinary collaboration and medical-industrial integration. magAssist has completed the development of its first high technology barrier class III active product, the Extracorporeal Ventricular Assist Device, from scratch in only three years. It has accumulated various valuable experience in high-end medical device technology development and medical-industrial integration. The pace of development is comparable if not exceeding some of the American and European companies that have been developing such products for more than a decade. In the future, magAssist will continue to complete its product layout and develop extracorporeal life support platforms for different populations with different ancillary needs and different clinical scenarios for acute and critical illnesses. We will contribute the power of Chinese brands to serve more doctors and patients worldwide.

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