magAssist Included in 2022 China Valuable Companies List

On January 2, 2023, launched by the Investor Research Institute under, the“ 2022 China Valuable Companies List”was unveiled, and magAssist was included in the list of the Top 100 Most Valuable Investment Companies in 2022.

magAssist Included in 2022 China Valuable Companies List

The final ist of the11th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition wasannounced

List Introduction

After 40 years of reform and opening up, China has enhanced its economic presence on the global stage. A number of outstanding entrepreneurs have blazed trails, explored new ground and made great efforts to create miracles one after another amid the highly competitive market. The technology industry, considered a “bright new star” on China’s economic map, is becoming a vital engine for boosting the high-quality and high-efficiency development of China’s economy.

In this context, the Investor Research Institute launched the “ 2022 China Valuable Companies List” to select value-creating companies in cutting-edge technology fields that will shape the future of China (new energy vehicles, chips and semiconductors, robotics, aerospace, autonomous driving, biotechnology, power batteries, etc.) and Internet and services that will change people’s lifestyles and work efficiency through technological innovation. More than 4,000 companies signed up for the activity online and offline.

This year’s list is divided into three categories, namely “2022 Most Valuable Investment Companies”, “2022 Most Attractive Listed Companies for Investors” and “2022 Innovative Companies”.

Based on data from the WFin database of, the Investor Research Institute objectively and impartially selected companies in such dimensions as growth, innovation, financing, patents, activity and influence.

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