magAssist Wins Final of 11th China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

Recently, magAssist entered the 11th China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competitionwith the most minimally invasive percutaneous Ventricular Assist Device (pVAD) in the world.It reached the national competition after topping the group in the provincial competition,and was named a Top 50 China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Enterprise” in the national final.

magAssist Wins Final of 11th China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

Top 50 China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Enterprise

The competition has a focus on the national strategies and key needs of the country. Its goal is to highlight emerging strategic industries and drive breakthroughs in core technologies. This is accomplished by deploying industrial chains around innovation chains.

The organizer is creating a market-oriented platform that brings together innovation factors and enterprises as the main body. This platform encourages collaboration between industries, universities, and research institutes.

The competition aims to promote coordinated industrial innovation in national high-tech zones and to advance scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship. It also aims to strengthen the vitality of market entities, leading to the modernization of industrial development in an integrated manner.

Through minimally invasive surgery, pVAD percutaneously enters the left ventricular cavity of the heart along the blood vessels and is placed between the left ventricle and the aorta to assist the left ventricle in pumping blood to the aorta, thereby replacing the heart’s forward auxiliary pumping function by pumping blood and reducing the load on the heart. So far, no domestic percutaneous heart pump products have been formally used in clinics. Abiomed (Nasdaq: ABMD) is the only company in the world that has successfully marketed its pVAD. More than 100,000 patients have been treated with its Impella series products.

magAssist Wins Final of 11th China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

Simulation of pVAD Action Principle

magAssist’s pVAD is based on “foldable” flexible mechanical configuration technology and aligned with the next-generation Impella ECP product that is yet to be released. By studying impellers and conduits with folded states for insertion and expanded states for operation, a minimal insertion size is ensured while providing greater blood flow with the excellent folding ratio of sheath insertion. In this way, a breakthrough has been made in the relationship among size, blood pumping performance and compatibility, leading to an insertion size of “true 9 Fr (3 mm)”, namely the smallest VAD in the world. This technology is also known as the “Crown Jewel of the pVAD industry”. At the same time, hydraulics and blood compatibility have been optimized, and the micro-sensing system and intelligent algorithm have been developed to accurately locate the position of the device in the body and reduce dependence on imaging.

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